Tuesday, January 11

At Another Crossroad

I feel as if our family is at another crossroad with the youngest son. He is 8 now and he is "feeling" more than ever! Real emotions. This could get hairy!

Wednesday, October 14

Communication Between Adults & their Spouses

Nice article found at The Autism News

"The NT will need to accept the fact that they must learn a new way of communicating. They’ll need to understand that their partner does not “catch” nuances and hints and intimations that a neurotypical individual might. These things are invisible to the Aspie. Not because they have chosen this to be so. But simply because it is so. Facial expressions, small sighs, innuendo … these are wasted and non-productive. A straightforward and verbally precise manner is needed on the part of the NT.

And, if their AS mate values the relationship, and is willing to listen to this direct communication, life can change for the better. The Aspie needs to heed the NT’s feelings, even though the Aspie has no sense of this for themselves. If the Asperger’s spouse is willing to act on the NT’s stated needs, the partnership can work. The partners can find fulfillment together."

Monday, June 15

Aspergian Empathy

Gavin Bollard is my favorite Aspie- viewpoint wise that is... (Of course my hubby & sons are MY true favs!) Here is his latest post & an excerpt on how he views showing empathy in the light of his recent loss. ******************************************************************************** I know that now I'm in danger of confusing emotion with empathy, so I'll try to clarify. Crying at a funeral doesn't necessarily mean that you are feeling empathetic towards others. Often, we're simply crying over our own personal loss - a person who was special to us. What such crying does do however is; 1. Paint us (aspies) as human beings, not monsters. 2. Enable us to understand how others may feel. ...... Concluding I guess that the main point I wanted to make here was that next time an NT starts complaining about the aspie lack of empathy being the cause of their relationship break up, spare a thought for the aspie in the relationship who can't lie about feelings they know are there but which don't appear until conditions are right.
Their inner conflict causes them just as much pain as the outer pain that NTs display only since they lack the facilities to convey the message, they can only watch in stunned silence as they are treated like unemotional serial killers and their relationship collapses around them.
Sometimes too, it's the aspie experiencing all the emotion and the NTs who are lacking in empathy.
Genius! Thank you Gavin, once again for a "map" into the Aspie minefield that is emotion.

Saturday, April 4


Virtual Bubble Wrap for those frustrating moments, Manic Mode is my fav! Not quite the same, but fun for a distraction...

I pop bubble wrap at 3.06 bubbles per second!

I popped 196 bubbles in 1 minute and 4 seconds
at www.Virtual-Bubblewrap.com!
Can you beat my score?

Saturday, March 28

Earth Hour is Tonight!

Earth Hour is tonight! Saturday, March 28th from 8:30-9:30 p.m.
Can you sacrifice an hour's worth of electricity for one hour tonight to save some energy & raise awareness? Earth Hour U.S. Kids' Page

Saturday, March 14

Blog Awards go to:

I rec'd this blog award from: More than a number blog last week. Thanks! This award is for blogs that show a positive attitude, I’m very happy about it. :) Now according to the rules… 1) Put the logo on your blog or post. 2) Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude. 3) Link to your nominees within your post. 4) Let the nominees know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog. 5) Share the love and link to the person from who you received your award. My top blogs I think are great because of optimistic living are: Monkey Manor Enchanted Dandelions The Roeh Rundown Brilliant Spectrum Child: The Adventures of Orange Boy Loving & Supporting Mamas and Babies Stand & Deliver

Saturday, March 7

My 1st Bloggy Award!

I got someone's attention... I received a Blog Award. To be specific, a "When Life Hands you Lemons..." award Was not sure how these worked, but I do now. It just means SOMEONE appreciated(s) what they read once or in multiple posts... I am told to pick 1o fav blogs of mine to pass on the award... I will do so promptly. Kelly

Monday, February 9

JER= Genius

He is ... he is a genius. John Elder Robinson, that is. Just read this post about the value of neurological testing; he is super wise, super smart & my dh & myself could not agree more. Thanks, JER. One of his commenters says this: "Aspergers = not a brat. People are so much more compassionate when they have a label to work with. And my daughter is MOST DEFINITLY not a brat. " CORRECT-A-MUNDO, unfortunately... thanks to her, too! That is a brilliant perspective that helps justify my behaviors that are meant to deal with the AS in my life.

Wednesday, February 4

Ticket Reward System

The ticket reward system is going well. J.'s behavior has actually improved! Improvement is good!!! He receives tickets for small chores, obeying, eating breakfast, getting dressed, taking his vitamins, cooperating at the library, playing educational games, etc.
For rewards:
5 tickets gets him:
watch cartoons, make goo or play-doh, eat ice cream, play with shaving cream, play video game online, get chocolate milk at bedtime.
10 tickets gets him: having a friend over, making a campfire & roasting marshmallows, watching a movie.
20 tickets gets: go to Cici's, go to the playground, an action figure at the store, pick a surprise out of the wrapped gifts bag.
50 tickets gets: a new video game
He is now in the process of saving for the new video game. It will take him about 2 weeks, but that means he cannot afford to purchase anything else in the meantime.

Wednesday, January 7

ABC's of Decluttering Your Home

The ABCs of Decluttering Your Home
Having trouble being bit by the organizing bug? It's really as easy as A-B-C. Just follow these simple steps and see a change in your home in a short amount of time.